We set out to create a tool that would help change the lives of others. Lo and behold, it was our lives that were changed the most. Building true relationships was and remains our core passion. Where technology was once the means, we’ve found ourselves to be instead. No longer is an idea, startup project or job title the motivation…but rather a personal conviction in the power of friendship.

And therein lies the difference between “ROOV” and “”

God purposed us to be “family.” While technology is a means to an end, it’s never the end itself. Hopefully the buzzword’d stigma of “creating community” will not lose its tangible roots. We’ve learned that the foundation of it all starts with being intentional. Being intentional to approach. Being intentional to connect. Being intentional to serve. And being intentional to love. (amongst other things)

Farewell Hello life mission. - The ROOV Team



Credit should be given where credit is due. Many people gave freely to the vision of ROOV. Their unreciprocated energy was poured into work, inspiration, support, prayers, resources and conversations. For that we say thanks.

To Hannah and Trey...folks of whom too many kind things could never be said. To Jeremy, an entrepreneurial visionary and persevering leader. And his cohort Nick, a talented worker with an appetite for innovation. To those who invested the resources to make ROOV a reality, thanks for taking that risk and for your continued support after it was all said and done. To all of the ‘o so awesome friends in Dallas, couldn’t feel more blessed to know you guys. To LV Hanson, one of the most selfless studs you’ll ever meet. To the Church Media guys, who inspired and gave in many ways. To the digerati team for their pioneering of faith-based technology. To all of the board members who believed in the vision and took their valuable time to lend a helping hand. To all of the churches, causes and organizations that embraced ROOV as a tool to help foster community.

To all of our personal friends and family members that embraced this dream and contributed in countless ways. And last but not least, to all of the ROOV community members that were the “hands and feet” of the vision.


Yep...for free. Just because we can't run with the vision anymore doesn't mean that others might not be able to. Whether it's for a church or personal project, our hearts are for the code to be beneficial to someone else. Download The Code


Strategic Lessons
  • build "less" features...focus on the core
  • leverage 3rd party API’s where it makes sense
  • have quick development-to-deployment cycles (iterate quickly)
  • pursue revenue early on...even if it's small
  • hold off on marketing dollars till the revenue stage
Cultural Lessons
  • give freely to others...and you'll receive much
  • if you see a mistake, act quickly (avoid meetings)
  • involve your audience in the startup process (even if it's small)
  • avoid hiring out of the right fit